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All students should have the opportunity to approach college choice from a place of integrity, strength, and confidence. Blue Moon helps students and their families approach the application process with a sense of excitement and curiosity about building a plan that will increase their opportunities in the world and lead to a greater sense of self.

Societal pressures and the relentless news cycle has transformed the college application process from a process of exploration and discovery to one that is fraught with anxiety about getting into particular schools, knowing exactly what to study, and making a good return on investment. Blue Moon is here to help families take back the process, reawaken curiosity, turn down the temperature in the family system, and place the student back at the center of the process.

Stacey is more than we could have hoped for in a college counselor — experienced, well-informed, professional, compassionate, responsive, communicative, upbeat, realistic, organized and well-spoken. She also speaks “Parent” and “Teenager” with skill and ease. Because she brings all of these talents and abilities to the task, we all feel more comfortable around the topic — and are able to actually talk with each other about it in a way that feels more healthy and productive.
— Kim, Parent of a Germantown Friends School student